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A curated multi use body oil for all skin types. The combination of Marula, Jojoba, Apricot and Safflower Oils makes this oil a lightweight and effective treatment for your body. Use as a shower oil or an everyday oil ritual treatment. 

A deeply rounded sweet citrus, herbaceous fresh florals ending with a warm earthy note. 

Recommended Use:

  • As a shower oil apply in the shower to damp skin, pat dry. 
  • Use daily as a moisture treatment
  • Apply to ends of hair for a hair perfume oil
  • Use as a massage oil 

Marula Oil:

From the sub- saharan in tropical South Africa this oil has been used for centuries by the Zulu women as a beauty treatment for dry skin. Containing essential fatty acids, Vitamin a and anti inflammatory properties to balance, repair and nourish your skin.

Jojoba Oil:

A discovery from the Native Americans the Jojoba began as a antioxidant paste used throughout times in medicine. Then becoming a widely used oil as a protective barrier on the skin. Used in our Body Tonic to boost your skin with vitamin e and deeply moisturise.

Apricot Oil:

Cultivated in India, this oil was used widely for medicinal purposes within the respiratory system. Becoming a staple in beauty products for assisting in the improvement of skin tone, rejuvenation and soften with vitamin a. 

Safflower Oil: 

Used to light the lamps of pharaohs, one of the world's oldest crops.  Rich in antioxidants this oil will enhance skin texture and provide a boost of hydration. The linoleic acid in this oil helps to tighten and brighten the appearance of the skin's complexion. 




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