New Moon In Virgo ♍︎

New Moon In Virgo 27.08.22 

Haven’t you heard there’s a New Moon happening? 

While it’s true that New Moons aren’t a rare occurrence, the energy behind this New Moon in Virgo is anything but ordinary.

New Moons represent newness, new beginnings, new ideas, and new communication. The New Moon is a fertile time to set intentions for the things we wish to manifest. So, get your notebook out and start scripting your dream life!


With this New Moon happening at 4 degrees of Virgo on August 27th, we are encouraged to approach things in a practical, grounded, and organised fashion. It’s time to focus on the details of life that feel stagnant, blocked, and unbalanced. The New Moon energy is giving us the push we need to prioritise our wellness by establishing new ways. It’s the perfect time to write down your intentions and to take action to introduce the changes you wish to see, especially before Mercury goes retrograde in September!


With that said, this New Moon has the undertone of a test. Especially when it comes to the relationships we have with ourselves, our partners, co-workers, friends, and family. Mercury rules Virgo and is currently stationed in Libra, traditionally ruled by Venus. Venus represents partnerships, harmony, and the way we give and take.


With Mercury receiving a Trine from Mars in Gemini (also ruled by Mercury), we are supported to make the necessary changes in our relationships. Whether this means we must introduce new boundaries, heal our inner child, let a relationship go, or drop our pride and find common ground. There is a heavy emphasis on communication at this time, so you must ask yourself: What do I need to get off my chest? How can I make my relationships more balanced? Have I been taking or giving too much?


With Pluto lending a supportive hand in this configuration, there is an opportunity to transform and heal our relationships. However, with Neptune and Jupiter opposite Mercury, we may be tempted by escapism and illusion! It’s important to see things for how they are and to approach things with practical tact.


While the ruler of this New Moon is getting positive support, the Moon itself is being harshly aspected by Mars in Gemini. On the positive, Mars in Gemini can give us unmatched mental energy and courage to start new endeavours. We are finally ready to have the tough conversations we have been putting off, and we feel curious and inspired to take action in new directions.


However, there can also be a hyperactive element, where we spin out mentally and take erratic action, lacking strategy and foresight while allowing our emotions to take charge. Ultimately this can make things more explosive in the end. Be mindful of the way you approach conversations with others! It’s best to ground yourself and organise your emotions before you speak.


This New Moon is all about communication, so get your thoughts down on paper first. It is equally important to anticipate this energy from others, so prioritise your wellness and stay grounded during exchanges. Meditation, serene environments, and journaling will be your best friends!


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