Can you feel the shift in energy?
You’re not alone.

We have the first New Moon of the Fall Equinox happening on September 25th, at 2 degrees of Libra. However, this New Moon feels even more charged due to the other planetary activity influencing it. With six planets in retrograde, this is the perfect time to sit back and reflect about what it is that we are hoping to bring in next. Expect personal and professional relationships,
contracts, boundaries, and preferences to be especially highlighted during this New Moon!

With a Conjunction happening between the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in the signs of Libra and Virgo, there can be an energy of wanting to raise your standards and refusing to settle for less. It is the perfect time to acknowledge your growth and how your wants and needs may have shifted. At this time, ask yourself: How can I better honour myself and my connections with
others? If I could manifest any relationship I wanted, how would it look?
Luckily, there is a Grand Trine supporting this New Moon Conjunction between Pluto and Uranus. The Grand Trine will help us step outside the box, try something new, and bring about much needed transformation. Expect situations that have felt stagnant and perhaps even boring to shift. Uranus and Pluto will bring connections closer in the most unexpected ways, but they
can also liberate us from situations that no longer serve us. These energies can help push us out of our comfort zone to let us taste freedom!
Just when you thought that was it..

There is also a T-Square between the New Moon Conjunction, Neptune, and Mars. Mars being at the top of this T-Square, will act as the release valve for the intense energy this aspect will create. The T-Square can manifest as being the ripping the band-aid off moment.

We may start seeing the truth behind something that has long felt foggy and confusing. Expect to find the clarity you’ve been waiting for, and prepare for your next steps to become evident. Just remember, with Jupiter opposite the New Moon Conjunction, there can be the tendency to over promise, under deliver, and be optimistic to a fault. Instead, focus on making a plan and approaching things with strategy.

Stay grounded, follow your heart, and meditate on the type of connections you need in your life moving forward. Don’t feel guilty about taking the space and rest that you need at this time.


We are in retrograde season after all!