Powerful Full Moon alert!

Like the New Moon in Virgo that happened at the end of August, this Full Moon in Pisces carries very potent energy. 

Full Moons typically represent heightened energy and symbolize the climax after the freshness of the New Moon. During Full Moons, we can reap the rewards of the intentions we have set, but it can also be a time of release, understanding, and adjusting. 

With the Full Moon happening at 17 degrees of Pisces on September 10th, we must take a time-out. Full Moons embody opposition energy between the Moon and the Sun, and there is a need to withdraw so that we can align our energy. The Sun being in Virgo has influenced us to be proactive, practical, and resourceful; Meanwhile, the Moon in Pisces is nudging us to connect with our inner sanctuary. The Full Moon asks you to pause and ask yourself: How can I approach my healing in a more intuitive way? How do I find a better balance with my physical, mental, and emotional health? 

With the Moon conjunct Pisces’ modern ruler Neptune, there is a very emotional influence to this Full Moon. You should expect to feel more sensitive, intuitive, and creative during this time. We have an opportunity to channel this energy into meaningful projects or spiritual work that takes you to another realm! You are encouraged to escape in healthy ways like meditation, art, writing, or anything that helps you reconnect with yourself. Be wary of wanting to run away by indulging in substances and destructive behaviors. You must have patience and perseverance through this emotional time, as this Full Moon is very symbolic of the end of karmic cycles and the start of energetic upgrades.

Since Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, its energy will also have an influence. With Jupiter conjunct Chiron, we must evaluate why we are afraid of letting go. Which wounds have we been holding shut due to fear of confronting their depth? With both of them sitting in Aries, we need courage and optimism at this time. Face the pain and believe in the impossible! Now is the time to let go of karmic patterns and to level up. There is a new start waiting on the other side!

With Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto participating in this Full Moon, expect sudden revelations, secrets, changes, and information to come to light. Whatever it is, expect it to create a shock. Stay emotionally grounded and prepare for the rose-colored glasses to come off. 

Finally, be wary of the Square between Mars, the Sun, and Mercury. This Mars influence is the same chaotic energy experienced since the New Moon in Virgo. The only difference being the ruler of this square, Mercury, is retrograde! With Mercury being the 6th planet to go retrograde, you can expect a lot of introspection, evaluation, and people from the past coming back. Trust your intuition and take courageous steps in the right direction. The time has come to release the people, things, and situations that no longer serve you.

 However, watch your communication with others. You may feel agitated, impulsive, and overly sensitive, so be conscious of the potential for miscommunication and misunderstandings!